Symposium Agenda

View the summary agenda below or download in PDF format. Please Note: All sessions take place in the Main Ballroom, unless indicated otherwise.


Welcome Address

Walking the Talk: Our Journey to Building a Domestic Digital Economy. There are many examples, in every sector across the Caribbean of technology-based initiatives. Some have come at great cost, yet failed to deliver, while others have delivered significant value, with relatively low investments. This address explores the lessons from Federation of St Kitts and Nevis on its journey to develop the digital economy.

Hon. Vincent Byron

Government of St Kitts & Nevis


Feature Address

Evolving Policy for the Internet in a Changing Global Landscape - Trends Issues and Opportunities As the Internet expands and evolves so too do the increasingly complex set of challenges it brings to the individuals, corporations, governments and societies. that have become so dependent on it. This keynote address will look at the trends in the global internet and key implications for the Caribbean

John Curran

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)


Keynote Address & QA

The Imperative of Internet Enabled Development in the Caribbean - Economics, Opportunities and Priorities For the Caribbean, social and economic development are now inextricably linked to issues of Internet access, affordability and resilience. The unique challenges faced require a custom response to questions of policy development, security, data privacy, international competitiveness and intellectual property protection. This keynote address looks at specific ramifications of Internet trends for Caribbean policy and leadership.

Mr. Timothy Antoine

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)


Morning Break


Round Table Discussion I

The Caribbean Internet: What’s Happening; Who’s Doing What, Where, How? A multi-sector overview of internet-related developments across the Caribbean


Round Table Discussion II

The Caribbean Internet: Public Policy, Education and Social Considerations. Factors impacting Internet adoption, growth and access to socio-economic opportunities


Lunch Break


Keynote Address

The Economics of Caribbean Internet Development - Challenges, Opportunities and Priorities. This keynote address looks at the specific economic trends and their nexus to Internet-related developments in the region.

Nigel Edwards

Unit Trust Corporation (UTC)


Round Table Discussion III

The Caribbean Digital Economy – Catalysts of Adoption, Expansion and Innovation.

Breakout Room

Keynote Address & QA

Media in its many forms and from its many sources is shaping Caribbean perceptions in unprecedented ways. This address explores power of Caribbean stories combined with digital technology to shape Caribbean identity and hope in the digital era.

Juma Bannister

Relate Studios

Main Ballroom

Round Table Discussion IV

Critical Internet Infrastructure – What is it? Why Does It Matter? Role of IXPs, DNS, CDNs, Cloud Computing, Number Resources & Internet Traffic

Breakout Room

Round Table Discussion V

Facilitated Discussion on Local Content, Caribbean Identity and Role of the Media


Morning Break


Round Table Discussion VI

The Caribbean Internet – Responsible Use, Cybersecurity and Public Safety


Round Table Discussion VII

Data, Digital Economics and Digital Exploitation – Retaining control of our digital assets and resources. Issues surrounding Data Governance, Intellectual Property, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in the Caribbean


Lunch Break


The GIGA Initiative

Learn about the global plan for this UNICEF/ ITU initiative, and how Caribbean countries can benefit from participating, and what would be expected from their participation.

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